ICAAP’s Agricultural Practice Portal

ICAAP's Agricultural Practice PortalICAAP, in partnership with The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), and the e-Extension Centre of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), recently launched the Advancing Agricultural Practice portal. The portal is a resource that was designed with academics in mind. The portal provides resources and meets the information needs of local researchers, scientists, NGO staff, farmers, entrepreneurs and all key agricultural stakeholders. The information and knowledge contained within the portal provides direct and indirect benefits to farmers through extension services, support and improved access to and use of information by stakeholders and intermediary organizations.

By providing a gateway for knowledge, best practices and information, the portal will improve agricultural productivity for smallholder farmers in India. The present information database includes information on products such as rice, coconut, pulses, wheat, cotton, groundnut, tapioca, mango, maize and extends to touch on animal products including cattle, buffalo, goat, sheep and poultry. The portal’s information and diverse crops and topics will enable farmers not only to increase their yields and productivity but also provide pricing and market insight as well. Connecting farmers to each other is another goal of the portal as it highlights success stories and the successful initiatives of farmers across the country. This feature aims to inspire, motivate and connect farmers.

The Portal provides the most valuable resource of any to farmers: Information. Information is a way to secure success, stability and efficiency in both the short and long term. Information allows farmers to be independent, to develop professionally and to be successful. ICAAP understands the value added of well-educated and informed farmers and their key role in societal development. Agriculture is a complex, ever changing sector and it is important to have access to information in real time. This portal is one step in the right direction in terms of long term success, sustainability and development.