The Issues And Priorities For Agriculture In India

If you are interested in agriculture, then you will also be interested in India. A huge percentage of the population in India live in rural areas and nearly three-quarters of India’s families depend on income from the land. It is a huge global hub of food production. India is the world’s largest producer of milk, spices and pulses. It is the second largest producer of crops like tea, rice, cotton, wheat and sugarcane. Add to this list goat and sheep meat, farmed fish and various varieties of fruit and vegetables. India’s future security revolves around increasing their production of crops and evolving sustainable agriculture very quickly.

shutterstock_154431707A Bachelor in Agriculture for Sustainable Development

Agriculture remains at the centre of many of the most important issues facing modern society. Studying a Bachelors in agriculture will involve you in research and development across many fields. These are diverse areas and include sustainability, genetic modification, disease, poverty and famine. Some courses cover International topics, such as global food systems and bio-based economies. Others may focus on agriculture in a specific country. Many are also designed to study a particular aspect of agriculture, like animal care or crop farming. The range of topics taught varies hugely, so it is extremely important to research before you make a decision. You could even take your course in India.

The big Challenges for Agriculture ninIndia’s Agriculture

Three major challenges are considered to be the most important to India’s development and improved welfare. Raising agricultural productivity is at the forefront, as nearly all land capable of being cultivated, is already being farmed. Water resources and irrigation are limited and need to develop alongside the farming demands. It is critical that India continues to produce enough food to feed the population. During the 1990s and 2000s, agricultural growth slowed down and has become a major concern. Rural poverty must be reduced and ways identified to provide employment that it is not reliant upon agriculture. Start your Bachelors now and become a part of the solution in India.