The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU)

The Tamil Nadu Agricultural UniversityThe Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) is another one of ICAAP’s primary research partners. TNAU was established in 1868 and has been affiliated with a number of other institutions. TNAU was the primary coordinator of Agricultural Education and Research and supported the State Agricultural Department by delivering research products which was, until 1946, the only agricultural education institution in South India. It wasn’t until 1971 that TNAU was established as an independent institution.

TMAU is not only one the best agricultural universities in India with high quality education and research but also a leader in agriculture technology with world renowned Master’s programs. The university offers thirteen undergraduate programs, 40 graduate degree programs and 26 doctoral programs across 14 colleges and 11 campuses as well as 6 affiliated colleges. The degrees vary from b.Sc in Horticulture to B.sC in Forestry. TNAU has also developed programs with a food production and sustainability focus as well as environmentally focused programs as well. TNAU has 36 Research Centers for agrotechnology development as well as 14 Farm Science Centers for outreach. The school’s success is proven with over 893 students enrolled in undergraduate studies in 2012 alone.

TMAU’s research has a large impact across on various areas of the agricultural communities. 12 new crop varieties were established in 2011 as well as five agricultural implements and three management technologies selected and implemented for the benefit of the farmer. TMAU is also heavily involved in farming extensions, undergoing initiatives such as Precision Farming which is a state sponsored demo project. The project focuses on increasing yields and productivity of crops using drip fertigation.

Crops such as sugarcane, vegetables and banana were included in this initiative. The initiative involves water soluble fertilizers and drip irrigation components. The initiative was made possible through government subsidies and technological support. The results were increased yields and a 20-40% water savings.

TMAU is a successful institution dedicated to agricultural improvement and development. As an institution, TMAU has been successful in its contributions in the agricultural community. They are integral partners for ICAAP for current and future research, initiatives and projects.