Why is agriculture so important to India?

India is a traditional agricultural society and agriculture, has been the cornerstone of the Indian economy for hundreds of years. Although technological innovation has taken place in India, as it has in the rest of the World, the last few decades – India, still heavily relies on its agriculture. Agricultural training often happens within families and on the land. But lately, more and more people are attending universities to study agriculture. This has resulted in a harvest boom all across the country, as farmers are learning new ways of cultivating the land.

shutterstock_236726830A country of vegetarians

India is a country of vegetarians, which is something, that can help to explain the key role agriculture plays in the country’s economy. Indian food has become more and more popular abroad as well and many people wish to attend Indian cooking classes, to learn more about their producing and cooking techniques. If you are one of those interested in Indian food, why not check out schoolapply.co.in to find more information, on how to apply to such courses? Indian vegetarian cuisine is both tasty and healthy, full of fresh vegetables and delicious spices and herbs.

Indian farmers unite

Seeing India as such a strong agricultural country, it might come as no surprise, that the farmers have a strong position in the society. Farmers have a history of coming together for the common good. An example of this, is when Coca Cola drained all the ground water in the state of Kerala, to use it in their factory, then the local farmers filed a lawsuit against the international corporation. It was a trial, that lasted for years, but in which the Supreme Court gave the farmers a full victory. Unfortunately, in the meanwhile, thousands of farmers had committed suicide as a consequence of the draught.